Sunday, November 14, 2004


Friday, November 12, 2004

back from 2H chalet.

day 1-
bangawan solo field triip. the cakes and kueys and everything rawkks. hehh. i luv the smell when iits baking! l0lx. who d0esnt? x)
wanted to go to chalet at first. kk. so i went together with polly all the way to pasir ris. went white sands and ate macs. got a prezziie fer tkb. hehh. ya. then polly sort of suddenly say she dun wanna go. o.0 okies, fine. then i called yongen to confirm who's going. end up the answer was that only they 3, [yongen, peiting and wenqi] then they going swimming until 5. so i din go as well cux if i wan to swim, i can swim back at home. kaes. awy, not l0tsa ppl g0ing.. ya.. so i decided i might as well go home since im not staying 0verniight.

day 2-
in the morn at abt 9 plus, i woke up and was still brushing my teeth when jenn called. she and polly were already here at my house. [ they wanted a lift] and polly told me they planned to reach at abt 10. wls. its like still 9.15am then in the end they came up and i was still eating breakfast. d0ts. awy, they came up and finally at 10 plus we set off to the chalet.
after abt 15 - 20 min we reached. walked in the wrong direction until we reached escape, and jenn asked fer directions frm wenqi i think, and we walked all the way back again. [does this sound like the 56 session when i tried to find my directions too? =x ]
ya. then wenqi and peiting came out of the chalet to 'receive' us but yongen was still sleeping. l0llx. kkies. then after that we went beach fer a while. but piity, cox the water's damn dirty and its high tide. -.- jenn sat down on the sand refusing to go cox we barely stayed fer 15 min. fiines. but there's nth to do there. peiting and yongen and wenqi went back and peiting and yongen swam. i wanted to swim too l0rx. ya. in the end i din. only in the eveniing did i fiind out i diin bring my goggles. =x
after we went back, we 6 went to wild wild wet [me, jenn, polly, yongen, peiting, wenqi]. met bianca, dayna, liyana and cerlyn on the way. after that they went to wild wild wet too. hahh. then had fun from 11 plus all the way to 4 plus, i think. hahha. we went with shirt and shorts. l0llx. played shiok river and the wave pool and the kiddy playgrd. l0ll. i LUV the wave pool! its damn funn. when the waves havent come, we lie flat on the shallower part and sun tan. then when the waves are there, we go to the deeper part and enjoy the submerging and 'jumpiing'. hehh. rawwkks. haha. the kiddy playgrd was sort of a disaster cox i cant slide. haha. my pants had friction. =x slide halfway get stuck. wthh. piity ular lah was closed fer maintenance. wth l0rx. that's the funnest ride. i cudnt sit waterworks cox i wearing shirt. then i dun wan to take off shirt thou i wearing sb. blehh. skyrider is scaryy l0rx! it looks like a babyride but it isnt! i thought so too, but when i was up there i was quite scared l0r. l0l dun laugh cox its 2 storey high without any fencing/door beside you. give u the feeling that u'll fall anytiime. hahah. i like got ju gao zhen. l0lx.
when we went back to chalet, joc, huiting , tkb they all ready there. l0lx. so paiseeh. they cleared up the place. iit was so messy at first. l0l. ya.. a l0t of pple were there already. belle, phy, tkb, joc, huiting, dayna, bianca, cerlyn, liyana... hmms. l0tsa ppl came during the BBQ. like cheryl, regina, yuwen, shakura, and ms wan and mr tan also. ya.
BBQ rawkked! l0lx. hahaha. starting the fire, fanning iit, then getting the food ready and then putting them 0ver the fiire. rawkeed. l0lx. hahaha. the drink rawked too! [thanks to tkb who mixed it. 100plus+orange squash, i think] haha. the chicken's all right. the smell was v nice. haha. the fishball was all right too. l0lx. and the hotdogs were too oily and salty. =x but nvm, the overall rawwked! hehh. there was mashmellow after that too, but it wasnt entirely soft. l0l. its nice, thou. the icecream was nice too!
then we went back to watch ren wo ao you followed by jurassic park followed by tian cai go go go. l0l. frm 9pm to 1 am. hahah. by then 4 ppl were sleeping. belle, yuwen, huiting and phy. ya. yuwen slept on the wooden plank of the mattress and belle, huiting and phy slept on the bed. they so shuang la. the rest of us were talking and giggling non stop in the end we went out to talk because we cant keep quiet and the 4 of them were v bushuang. l0lx. s0rry fer the noise la. but chalet is like that wat. hahah. i cant stand tkb. l0ll. she keep making me laugh l0r. im not laughing at her jokes, but at her lameless l0r. l0l. but got one time i actually laughed out with her. cox polly keep on-ing her hp light to see, and its kinda v bright in the totally pitch dark room. then jenn got fed up and said, why u keep on-ing the light? u scared of dark ah. l0l. its supeer lame la. lol. then we went out to talk and came back at 2am like that. ya. we 7 ppl squeeze in 2 mattress. damn pr0 la. hahah. abt 3 - 4 ppl slept on the floor. haha. i got to sleep on the mattress, but so little space i cudnt move if not i'll bump into ppl on either side. l0lx. yeahh. one side was wenqi. the other side was polly at first then change to joc. l0l. at first it wasnt even like that. we keep changing places. at first i was between tkb and jenn de. then duno wat happened i ended up in the middle with wenqi and polly. l0l. then tkb slept on the floor with jenn at first. then there was l0tsa complains abt smelly armpits etc. l0lx. so funnae. then in the end we settled down and there was finally silence. haha. i slept fer a while and woke up halfway freezing. so c0ld. haha. then there was fidgeting and i think polly [ dun think she slept at all] and tkb and jenn and joc were all half awake. then polly got up and talk to tkb or sth. l0lx. the funny thing is that joc crawled up from the floor to sleep in polly's place [ mattress] beside me. l0l. then she fell asleep straight then polly had no place to sleep. l0l. in the end she had to sleep on the fl00r with tkb. l0lx. crazy. hahahah. this night rawkked!

day 3-
woke up at abt 7am. i think i saw and heard polly get up, complaining she din sleep at all. ya. then i was like stirring then went back to sleep. everybody stirring lia0x. c0x of the n0iise. then joc woke up. then she and polly went out i think. then tkb came to lie beside me and ask me to get up. l0l i think i make a noiise and din wan to get up. she still call me piig or wat. fiine la. l0l. we barely slept fer 4 hours l0rx. so tiiredd. hahahs. then we went to brush teeth and went d0wnstaiirs fer breakfast. haha. at first it was only chips. -.- then after that, iice cream came. we crapped and ate. [the vanilla iice cream got banana taste. thk l0rx. yuckks.] then after that, we bbq-ed mashmell0wx, thanks to the leftover fiire by the 0ther famiily. yays! haha. the mashmell0w's skin is supperr niice. but the insiide is so sweet. cant stand. l0lx.
haha. after packing and checkiing out, we went b0wling. [me, tkb, polly, jenn, joc, yuwen and belle] haha. i din play, but i had a try and i hit 6/- haha. kkaes. at least its n0t b0th g0iing d0wn the drain. haha. its funn! hehh. then we finally went home. hahahs.
i was so damn sleepy when i reach h0me l0rx. in fact i was half asleep in my dad's car liao. then i went home and slept from abt 12pm all the way to 5.30pm. wh0as. haha. if not fer the dinner i wudnt have woke up until 7pm. hahahs. so shuang l0rx. but still sleepy after that fer the dinner.

haha. had a better sleep last night. today still got guzheng summore. haha. then that's the end of this busy week. week 2. siighh. so fast l0rx. haii.

2H 04 rawwk. BBQ rawkk. overnight rawwked. chalet rawwk. we rawk!!! XD

Sunday, November 07, 2004

noI SO HIGH NOWW!!! lol. 5566 session in the afternn. hahaa. lets start from the beginning!
heh. woke up at abt 9am today. polly's already queueing. hehehe. i wrote a skirt [regretted, can sit] and shirt, then took mrt frm kembangan all the way to jurong east. -.- 18 stops! haha. i like wanna vomit by the time i reached commonwealth. lol.
then came out. called polly. hahaha. then i sort of din see IMM building cox i was looking at the other direction. then i followed polly's instruction, walk out of the mrt. then i walked the right way until bus interchange. haha. then is supposed to be correct polly suddenly told me walk away frm the interchange. i walked the other direction until duno where then is like, wrong la.. ended up walking all the way back and then ya, finally found my way with, ahem, polly's help and she was shouting into my ear. lol. fine la. i no sense of direction. at first i correct one lor. u go and tell me the other way. XP
reached IMM. VERY HOT. i was like sweating like hell, and we queued fer about 1 hr before yumin and her fren [forgot her name] came. haha. the spoilt unbrella. hahaha. i was like, tying the umbrella to the barrier fer shade then it broke. l0l. but we still used the broken umbrella cox it was really very hot. haha. took turns to go into the IMM to buy drinks and get some aircon. v hot. i had trouble sitting down cox of my skirt. yucks. haha. then they put cest si bon music. haha. heard abt 6 times before they came. the whole album. haha. queued frm 10 plus all the way to 3 plus. haha. they werent too late this time. peiting came halfway to join us. haha. then we felt kinda bad cuz she cudnt join us. had to stay alone outside the barrier. haha. paisehh wors. =x hope u enjoyed urself too. haha. u said u did. =D
damn fun lor. hahaha. when 3 plus they finally came. i sort of went crazy. l0l. first time la. then i was like, nv scream v loud but a bit cox i felt quite high. i came prepared to enjoy myself, and i did. heh. i stood on the barrier and had a v clear view. l0l. at first cud oni see black ppl, as in, wearing black stuff. then yumin suddenly shouted, i saw them le! or sth like that. then i turned and saw them too! l0l. suddenly see 4 white ppl came out. cant help rmbring the time when i first saw eg in heeren, the feeling's like that. suddenly 4 white ppl walk up the stage, v shuaii.. hahaha. kaes =x then they came. and sang yin wei ai. l0l. i was like singing along with them. then i noticed like polly cant see, then tried to help her see. l0l. see i so nice. i cud have stayed on that barrier and enjoyed myself. haha. jk =D then we sort of took the chance and cut queue.ya. yumin joined us later. haha. she was busy taking photos of her darling shaowei. l0l
xiezhi v shuaii!! hahaha. with sunglasses. damn shuai. urghs. hahaha. but eg more shuai =P ya fine. kkaes. then i was like, going crazy with polly. lol. very funn. then after they sang, they talk ya. then we were listening and laughing. lol. the dj say we scream until nv hear what they talking about. lol. half true la. hahah. then xiezhi laughed. lol. i think polly was really crazy. haha. lol. then we say hao liao, go up we call their names together so can make them look up. loll. v high.
then yumin keep taking photo of shaowei in the end we were like asking her to take xiezhi too and she took abt 5 or 6 pix continuously of him. l0l. frm far shaowei and xiezhi looked the same to me cox both of them wear sunglasses and like same hairstyle de. lol. XD so fun loor. then we first row cud see them v well.
THEN WE WENT UP. lol. then when i was climbing the stiars with yumin and her frens in front and polly behind me, she was like, omg, omg.. lol.. i first time go up stage seee 56 also nv so jin zhang. lol. but i was really v happy. lol. and excited. a mixture of feelings. more of i really enjoyed myself lor. really, really enjoyed it. =D
first was mengze. lol. i was like tugging at polly's hand and oi, oi.. then she started first, say mengze jia you or sth. lol. v loud. then i followed and say mengze jia you also! haha. then he look up at us and smiled. think it was polly first then me. or isit me first? haha. awy, both also got look. hahaha. his eyes v v v big. =x his head also. XD haha v shuaii worr! hahaha. i was like smiling like crazy. lol. more of cant stop smiling lor. he replied xie xie! loll.
then next was renfu. lol. he v nice! keep smiling. lol. he v nice la. x) ya, he put that white streaks again. heng nv put extension. lol XD then i forgot le.. think is i say renfu jia you or something. or isit renfu ni hen shuai? =x haha. sort of too overwhelmed with high-ness le. i think i like crazy like that.. cant stop smiling. lol. eg session also like that. haha. XD then polly followed or sth. haha. cant rmbr too well =/ but he looked at us!!! he said XIE XIE!! hahaha. same as mengze! hahaha. then he kept smiling. lol.
then XIEZHI. hahaha. the damn shuai guy. lol. ya this i can rmbr. hehh. polly started first, thou she behind me. she said xie zhi ni hen shuai or sth like that. lol. he din look up! then i said xie zhi jia you very loud lor. i like shouting. lol. then HE LOOKED UP! hehh. finally ya! then me and polly like heee at him. l0ll. smiling like siao. he smiled back at us and say thank you. l0l. i think is because we very loud. lol
SHAOWEI. hahahahaha. l000ll. i wun forget. yumin said we snatch her shaowei away. l000l. coz she was kinda talking to shaowei, then me and polly interrupted her and say shaoweii!!! lol. in the end he turned to look at us. yumin went down the stage. l0l. paisehh laa. lol. haha. he smiled at us and said xie xie too. l0l. then he signed more slow. hahaha. he so nicee lorr! hahahaha.
haha. havent end yet! we went to get a drink, high-ing all the way. lol. me and polly most crazy de. i went mad also. l0l. really enjoyed it. then we went back to the session. hahaha. stood at the back and watch until they sign finish. [about 4 plus] then they spoke again. ya. haha. then when they went back. kao. at first polly din wan to chase them. but i chased. as in, i kinda took the first step and followed the other fans. then polly and peiting followed. ya we were like chasing after them, trying to see, but cudnt, and they went down the underpass to the carpark and all the fans chased through the IMM building. polly was in the lead at first, then followed by peiting. then i bumped into somebody so slowed down. ya. then we reached the carpark. all the fans waiting. polly and peiting like stop and see, then i went forward. THEN I SAW THE VAN!!! with curtains. then i was like, OMG, POLLY!!!! the vann!!! lol. then she came then we rushed to the van. all the fans blocking so we cudnt see them enter, but shaowei and mengze sat at the back so we were like, screaming, lol.. polly was banging at the window. i cudnt reach. lol. but i cud see mengze's hair v clearly! cudnt see shaowei. its all black. aiya. why dun they look backkk?? hahaha. shaowei did, i think, but i cudnt see. mengze nv! grrs. lol. cudnt see renfu and xiezhi. they 2 shd have sat at the back instead! =x

whoass. kkaes.
high enough.
calm down. calm down. lol.

star-chasing rawkssss mann!!! haha. if u all read the archive, shd be able to see in september 19 i think, was energy's session. damn high also. shook hands!! hehhh. luv energy loads!
56 also v kewt lor. l0l. i think xiezhi really vvvv shuaii. hahaha.

i really had lotsa fun today. totally enjoyed it!!

polly. next year we must queue again kkaes! hehhh. as long as its not exam time!! hahaha. =D rawks! rawkss!!! XD

Friday, November 05, 2004

i got my hair cutttt
hmms. lemme see. i went to super cut, since my mum recommended it. ya. it was quite fast. abt 30min plus including 2 cuts, one washing and blowing. the cost was $30. hmms. okok la. it look the same to me as my last hairstyle when i got it cut =/
the washing rawks. hahaha. i almost wanted to ask which shampoo she used. l0lz.
my fringe is damn shoortt. again. stupid laa. hai. but i think it shd be slightly betta than last time? i dunoo.
this morning my hair was a disaster. l0l. not really disaster la, but it was like, qiao qi lie. in the end i spent almost 45 min in the toilet wetting it and then flattening it. =/ cux its really v ugly when it qiao qi lie. idiotic. kkaes. when its flattened it looks betta. -.- does that mean i have to spent 20 min everyday in the toilet flattening it? dottss

awy, going out later when my mum. haha i told her wat i wanted to buy ytd. she said pencil case and shoes wait until go china then buy. watevas. then wallet nehh. hai. i cant wait la =/ then i need to buy a jacket, those fer winter wear de jackett. yahs. lala. i saw a white one ytd, but my mum say white v easy to becum yellowish. hpmhs. i like white laa. aiya. also v easy to match colours. hahaz. then i wan to buy skirt and shorts too. hehes.

going to change template soon. saw one really nice one today, but pity the codes werent working. wasted. ahs, forget it.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Weeeheehee. im in a very happy mood now. hehhh.
I CAN STAY OVERNIGHT FER CHALETT! hahaha. aiya. pity oni one night. urghs. but better than nothing la. i think i staying 2nd night cox got more ppl. ya. and got BBQ. hmms. wat are we going to do there? i wan to go escape or wild wild wet! hahaa. i think wild wild wet more fun x) but more ex. duhh. but the fun's there. getting all wild. yeapps.
whoas. next wk i damn busy.
mon - 1.30 to 4.30 - guzheng.
tues - whole day gone. fieldtrip+chalet day 1
wed - also whole day in chalet day 2 (: + overnight! =D
thurs - 1/2 day gone in chalet
friday - 1.30 to 4.30 - guzheng

o.0 wat is thiss?? haha. duno wat to say lehh. all 5 days got things. in fact i oni thurs got a bit of time. haha.

tml im gg shopping with my mum!!! yayyss. heheheh. i wait v long liao. l0l. do i sound v evil? yeapss. i wan to buy lotsa things. getting a hair cut [finally, ya] first with my mum then we go out together. hmms. i wanna buy wallet, pencil case, skirt, shorts, stationary ... ... ... the list simply goes on. hahahahaz. urgent one is pencil case. hmms. then stationary still can wait.. wallet i wait v long liao.. hope can get it tml.. then skirt i wan.. cox the thailand skirt the string all coming out le.. i wan buy shorts cox i not really a lot of shorts.. then chalet coming le.. ya..

i v proud of my progress with homework. hahaha. i finished 2 maths assignment le. weees. haha. i think i leaving the remaining 2 after next wk la. haha. budden v nice to do leh. cox its easy, then yue zuo yue shuang. ya. haha. then i finished english compre + summary and the newspaper review. haha. did an article on the fall in unemployment rate. hmms. tts all. but i think not bad le la. considering its only the 2nd day of the hols. hmmss.

today's my younger brother's bdae!
here goes.
happy bdae to you happy bdae to you happy bdae to my dear bro happy bdae to youu
luv him loads. he's damn kewttt and lovable. hahas. thou can be irritating at times. very. *hugs*
i promised him 4 bleyblades. or however u spell that thing. haha. at first it was 3. then duno since when it became four. haha. o.0 he kept reminding me i promised him that. since one month ago. oh well. im gg to bring him to parkway some day to buy it. he so suay. today is his maths exam. hahaha. and we're already holidaying. hahas. but i think we really deserve it. after all those exams and stress.

and tomorrow's shuwei's bdae!!! hahaha. still can rmbr last year 4th nov i was telling polly that "today's shuwei's bdae" .whoass. 1 year jus like that. really fast.
happy bdae to you happy bdae to you happy bdae to you dear shuwei happy bdae to youu
he's.. erm. 23 years old this year? no. its 24? isit?? *knock head* cant rmbr!! i think its 24 la. 23 is toro. and he's older than toro. ya i think so. niunai is 25 le. so he shd be 24. ya. then toro is 23. kunda is 22. ahdi is the youngest. oni 20 this year. whoas. or isit 21? =/

Sunday, October 31, 2004

kaess. all the virus stuff seem to be gone. yays * hahas. hope it doesnt come back. ^.^
ive changed my template again! hahahas. nice? hehe. x) aiya. actually abt the same la. but less pinky. less eye-hurting. hmms. i like soft colours lehh. u know. grey, light pink, light blue.. lavender.. hmms. ive made a new skin today of those colours.. heh..results still not bad eh. i like the colours la.. so sweet.. hmms. maybe i got time go change again. =/
tml got guzheng. sighh. supposed to bei pu but i too lazy and even if i wan to, i got no guzheng to practise on. so far i memorized one song liao [ nv really go and memorize. but play fer months liao can rmbr le..] and another song just learn de oni one-third. sighh. tml must try to bei before the lesson.. at least bei until two-third ba.. but i dun believe everybody will bei. but i think majority will leh.. sighh.. syf next yr.. hols must go back twice a wk fer practise.. so irritating.. tml its 9am to 12.30.. but i have to wake up at 7.30am cox im taking bus.. so idiotic.. nvm. got discman. hahas. xD

56's having session next sunday. hmms. mi jia le next sunday not bad leh~ hahas. 7 still can watch repeat. aiya. see my mum let a not la. and i feel like a not. i wan to see 56, but dun wan to queue =/ and its v far. IMM. oh well. haiis. see first la. (:
hmm. so nai nai din get killed [ mi jia le today ] the preview mislead me la. that nai nai is fake one. is the lu xi fuo transform one. so scary lor. i was thinking that nai nai where got so mean one.. and then so scary if kunda really killed her.. hahas. hero din appear today. he'll appear next wk. hahas. the comics din skip much here, so i know.. except the kunda kill nai nai part not there.. but third bk skipped a lot.. totally a rush.. they squeezed 10 episodes into one bk la. dots. a lot of things happened they nv put there..

haiis. me sort of thought through lotsa things lately.. hmms.. i think ive really wasted time this year.
wenqi. im really really sorry la. haii. all the stupid things both sides of us done these two years. hais. nvm. lets forget everything. find one day we go out kaes? 6 of us ^.^

ive completed lotsa homework! haha. k la, counted not bad in 2 days. i finished english compre and summary yesterday, and one maths assignment today. hee. ^.^

this is a long entry. kk. i'll end here. hahas. must pray that more ppl will get into pure lit with me! if im really confirmed in pure lit, that is. ^.^ hope next year i'll do better. my mum is getting me a science and maths tutor. hahas. gg to really busy. but i know i need them. =/

Saturday, October 30, 2004

hmm. there's something wrong with my com lately, so now that its fer once 'suddenly working', i have to seize the chance and write everything down.

these are wat happened to me:

-can't add diary entry
-cant change diary template
-cant go to blogskins and preview skins properly
-many webpg i go to popped out: failed to open URL, operation aborted
-some pgs i go to load normally fer 3 seconds then the whole page goes blank
-some pg refresh fer no reason
-html dun work
-some words that are typed normally are auto-linked to a search engine called ntsearch
-cant delete hotmail
-sometimes cant read chinese

kkaes. these are the major probs with my com. which is enough so that i cant do anything online except staring at my current diary and others'. only very very rarely, like now, i can use it as normal. the auto-links and html thing still dun work, thou. ive asked around. polly is having the same problem as me. another fren told me she encountered the same problem few months ago and it 'healed' in a another few months. i was like o.o FEW MONTHS? hols will be over le. damnn la. hai. then she told me her fren re-installed her com and it worked. so im going to ask my bro to re-install the com again. i dun care. not gg to leave it liddat fer a few months. its not going to work out.

ppl. if your com got these probs, pls tell me kkaes?